After a move out of the big city to escape heartbreak, photographer Katherine Thomas embraces life in a new town. With her two best friends by her side, she's ready to start over and not look back.

During her first major exhibition at a legitimate art gallery, Kate expects the inevitable nerves, but what she doesn't anticipate is meeting someone who -- with one glance -- leaves her breathless.

What happens when the charming mystery man disappears, leaving Kate wanting more? Without even knowing his name, the odds of finding him again are stacked against her. Will fate intervene, and if it does, will her old wounds prevent her from acting on the undeniable connection she feels?

An Excerpt:

“It’s not like that,” she stammered, trying to explain.

“There is no need to explain,” he said with a laugh. “I think it’s pretty funny.” He shrugged and kept his eyes down while finishing the sutures. He was placing the last piece of tape over the protective gauze, when he looked up into Kate’s eyes. They were dark and full of life.

“Can I ask you something?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she responded in an almost whisper. She hadn’t a clue what he was about to ask, but in that moment she knew that she would answer him honestly.

“What exactly do you do with your prey once you’ve caught them?” He was still looking into her eyes and they both felt the intensity between them thicken. His hands were still pressed against her skin as he leaned forward slightly waiting for her response. He knew he should stop himself, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t. It was like one magnet being pulled to the other.

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